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Organised by 4Memories Event


4Memories is known for organizing marathons that stand out with their creative and unique concepts. One of the most admirable things about these events is that they always strive to raise awareness and funds for social causes that matter. Whether it's promoting health and fitness, supporting a local charity, or advocating for a humanitarian issue, 4Memories ensures that each marathon serves a greater purpose than just a sporting event. Attendees not only get to enjoy a fun and engaging experience, but they also contribute to making a positive impact on society.

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Let's celebrate the 76th Independence Day of India by participating in a marathon to show gratitude to all our warriors who have been serving our nation to make us safe by keeping their life at risk, availing our needs at every point for a long. It's a marathon to raise donations with the collaboration of the charity organization for the well-being of those warriors such as health workers, the municipality & proud police, army, Navy, public & Private institutes, and an individual who are so courageous every day & hold their responsibilities by risking their own lives to save us, do their duties and we live peacefully. It's a marathon to encourage every person to participate and be proud of all our saviors.

RangBirage Run

Let's celebrate India's most colourful festival by participating in A Run to represent the diversity and equality that modern India holds while supporting inclusivity, gender equality, women’s empowerment, and sustainability.

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