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About Us

4Memories is an event firm to organize versatile events to avail experiences of uniqueness, and innovation and bring joyful times that create lifelong memorable memories. 


4memories contributes some of its profit to bring change in the communities by encouraging many individuals for education, sports, and other possible support 


Our aim is to avail innovative experiences and create memorable memories for our clients

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We respect & value your time, money & belief.


A company with a creative & honest approach to its association.

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Meet The Team


Suraj Patro

Director & Founder

Suraj Patro holds more than 5 years in the commercial & corporate sector in the domain of Corporate events, hospitality & healthcare. He is a commerce graduate and pursued MBA in social entrepreneurship from NMIMS. He is an entrepreneur of social organizations such as Aaawaj and Little companion. He is also a founding member of one of the leading sports for development organizations OSCAR FOUNDATION and served his knowledge, skill, and experience to shape the organization. He spent a decade in the social sector and is known for his excellency in strategic development. He is the founder of 4Memories Event. 

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Geeta Pawar

Head of Sports Event

Geeta Pawar is a professional Rugby & Kabaddi Player who represented the state of Maharashtra numerous times and represented at American’s Human pyramid competition in the USA. She established her profession in sports by playing and also working in sports for the development domain for 5 years. She is also a founding member of 4memories Event. To know more visit ( BLOG), LINKEDIN. She is leading marathons in the sports section where she is doing a collaboration with fitness groups, companies, etc. Through step 2B Active she is organizing fitness sessions with women's, NGO, and company groups

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Priyanka Jaiswar

Communication Associate

Priyanka is a self-dependent girl and a role model in her community by breaking all the orthodox practices and completing,, and MBA and served her 6 years for the development of girls in the community by working in social sectors. She is also a founding member of the company and initiated a number of social projects.

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Sheetal Shetty

Marketing Freelancer

Sheetal Shetty is an example of a natural leader who, by my sporting enthusiasm and engaging personality, has inspired many girls from low-income districts. She is a netball player who has volunteered to help with child safety regulations. Apart from social work, she is pursuing a professional career in marketing and communication by enrolling in various learning courses and utilizing what she has learned to fulfill her clients' marketing objectives. She is a graduate who has been working for the past 7 years in order to contribute my knowledge and experience to the success of the company with which she is affiliated.

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