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Charity BIB

Start onwards 5000/-
(-participant fee + Tax+ ₹1000 other charges & rest will be donated to charity organization)


- Team of 25

- A running guidance session

- Tips mail

- Running bottle

- Finisher medal

- Appreciation fame on day of the event

- Choice of BIB Number

- Company name on the T-shirt

Team of 50

- A running guidance session

- Tips mail

- Running bottle

- Finisher medal

- Appreciation fame on day of the event

- Choice of BIB Number

- Company name on the T-shirt

- Corporate Trophy

Associate With Us

You Can Also

Be An Intern

We are seeking for intern above 18 who would like to have experience that will be added to your expertise, & knowledge in the domain of event management through your active role & responsibilities in the event

Be A Sponsor

We would like to propose a partnership where your company merges with our brand and together we market our service or products. The relevant details can be discussed further onwards by setting up an in-person meeting.

Media Partner

We would like to invite you to partner with us & help us spread awareness about the event & its activities. By becoming a media partner, you will be entitled to certain benefits. The complete details of the media partnership will be provided to you by filling out this given form.

Brand Integration

You will have an opportunity to promote & expose your brand, product, & services to a large number of runners at the Saviorthon event at a relatively low cost compared to other promotional activities. &, we will ensure that all our brand partners get the maximum value out of their contribution to the event. & in return, we want to have the maximum promotion & coverage of our event through you.





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Rules & Regulations

Applicants must thoroughly read the mandated Health Protocols


1. Application Guidelines


a. Please thoroughly go through all information mentioned in this form prior to submitting your application. Registration confirmation received will be subject to applicable confirmation criteria and the entry rules given herein.

b. An applicant can apply for only one of the three on-ground, non-elite race categories – Open 10K, DREAM RUN 5KM & FAMILY FUN RUN 2KM; multiple applications will entail all entries not being confirmed. Further, an applicant must apply for the event using a single email address.

c. An applicant will be confirmed, subject to fulfilling conditions mentioned herein and confirmation qualification criteria (where applicable), only for the race category he/she has applied for.

d. Applicants can register only via online using the mentioned platform and paying applicable entry fees based on race category opted for. No individual/group has been authorized to collect entries on behalf of the event promoter, 4Memories Event LLP.


e. Group entries:

(i) Group entries shall be accepted all the race categories. There shall be a minimum of 25 individual entries from the said participative categories to comprise a group.

(ii) All members of the group must fulfill the eligibility to apply the race category.


g. Before submitting your application, please check if you:

(i) have filled in details against all mandatory fields prefixed with ‘*’ in the application form;

(ii) have paid the requisite entry fees;

(iii) have agreed to the ‘waiver’, ‘consent’ and ‘entry rules and guidelines in the application form;

(iv) have met the minimum age eligibility criteria of the event. Where any discrepancy is found in any of the above-mentioned mandatory requirements, your application will not be confirmed.

h. Once you successfully submit your online application, details in your online profile cannot be changed/edited by you. For any corrections, please email at / (Any one)


Charity Running Places: Individuals applicant or group who wish to contribute to the cause the event is organized can choose the category while submitting the application


(i) Applicants availing charity running places will mandatorily need to follow all required Health Protocols (refer to point 2 below).

(ii) Such applicants will also need to submit all the necessary mandatory documents as specified in the application process.

h. Parents who are accompanying their children on run has to purchase a coupon for Rs 600 which includes T-shirt and breakfast 


i. All children below 18 should submit the consent form while collecting their bib and goodies from the expo.


2. Health Protocols for Event Application and Participation


Participants need to avoid participation in the event if he/she is sick or suffering from any serious disease or any health issue on the day of the event or before as the organizer is not responsible for any health issue occurring during the run.

We also do not encourage anyone to harm their health by taking part in our event as our objective is to create awareness to be healthy and active. Therefore we ask our participants to run as pre their strength.


In case of any accident during the event, the organizers do not take up any responsibility.


a. On race day, each participant’s temperature will be thermally screened, and those with fever or are ill, will not be allowed to run on race day – participants will be asked to leave the race premises with immediate effect. This is in the best interests of all event stakeholders. Entry fee refund and deferment of entry (refer to point 5) will not apply for such participants.


3. SAVIORTHON 2023 2nd Edition Expo & Running Number Bib Collection

a. Running number bibs must be collected by all participants from the SAVIORTHON 2023 on 25th & 26th August 2023 

b. It is mandatory for all individual participants of the marathon, half marathon and Opens 10K race categories to collect their running numbers personally from the Bib Collection Center within the SAVIORTHON 2023. Confirmed participants must carry along the following documents in order to collect his/her number bib:

(i) Application confirmation.

(ii) Govt. approved photo ID proof.

c. In case of unavoidable circumstances, a runner confirmed in any of the above 3 mentioned race categories can send his/her representative to collect the running number bib on his/her behalf. Please note, a representative will not be allowed to collect the running number bib on behalf of more than ONE participant.

Please note, the representative collecting the more than 1 number bib must be must carry a consent letter with the complete details of applicant. The representative must carry along the following documents for number bib collection:

(i) Application confirmation.

(ii) Govt. approved photo ID proof of the runner.

(iii) Govt. approved photo ID proof of the representative.

(iv) Consent Letter -authorizing the representative/s to collect number bibs on behalf of the group.


d. Group collection for any categories: A group can send their representative/s to collect the running number bibs on behalf of their team members. Running number bibs of the entire group participating in any categories will be handed over at one go. Please note, the representative collecting the more than 1 number bib must be must carry a consent letter with the complete details of applicant.

The representative/s need to carry the following documents for the collection of number bibs:

(i) Printed copy of group confirmation email sent across to the group’s point person

(ii) Printed copy of the signed Letter on the NGO/company letterhead authorizing the representative/s to collect number bibs on behalf of the group.

(iii) Govt. approved photo ID proof of the representative.

e. No running number will be posted to individual mailing addresses for whatsoever reason. Further, no number bibs will be handed over to any participant post the declared closing hours of the Expo 26th August 2023

4. Entry Rejection and Refund Policy a. Once an entry is confirmed, no requests for refund of application fees will be entertained under any circumstances.

b. Where your application is rejected for reasons whatsoever, including not having uploaded the required certificate, An amount of Rs 150 will be charged as processing charges to do the correction of your personal profile and also if we found any valid reason.

c. Application fees shall not be refunded by virtue of non-participation, including failure by a confirmed participant to collect his/her bib from the Expo or not able to run on the race day due to being unwell or any other reason.

d. Any refund discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Event registration team immediately. Refund queries will not be entertained post 15th August 2023.


5. Entry Deferment Policy


Only in the case of the SAVIORTHON 2023 event is canceled / postponed for reasons whatever, would your entry at the SAVIORTHON 2023 be carried forward, in the same race category, to the subsequently conducted edition of the SAVIORTHON. No additional entry fees will be charged to such participants. Qualification criteria set for the next edition shall however apply.


b. In the case where participation in specific race categories needs to be reduced in view of any Government issued protocols, the rule of last-in-first-out will be applied. Such participants who do not get final confirmations can defer their entry in the same race category to the next conducted edition of SAVIORTHON. No additional entry fees will be charged to such participants. Qualification criteria set for the next edition shall however apply.


6. Other Important Points


a. Notwithstanding anything mentioned herein, top-up donations, where made at the time of applying for the event, will not be refunded under any circumstance of whatsoever nature.

b. The right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this entry form are at the sole discretion of 4Memories Event LLP, and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The applicant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

c. Confirmed runner’s identity and proof of residence may be verified by 4 Memoriesevent Team for validating the details provided by you in the form. Where any information and/or any document provided by an applicant/runner at any point in time is found to be incorrect, participation of the said runner shall be withheld/disqualified and there will be no refund of application fees paid by the runner. All benefits accruing to the said runner as a participant of SAVIORTHON 2023 shall stand forfeited.


d. Race day images of all participants will be screened visually after the race and if any of the participants is found not wearing the running number bib allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that bib will be disqualified from the race and the subsequent edition of the event in 2023. Further, 4Memories Event LLP reserves the right to take necessary legal action against the registered participant and the person who has used the running number bib on race day, for impersonation.

e. Any race day audio, video, or visual recordings made by a participant at the SAVIORTHON Expo or on race day are to be used only for personal purposes; these cannot be used for any commercial purpose. The official photographer of SAVIORTHON 2023 is One Glint and individual photographs of runners will be available for sale and download on the event website 60 hours post closing hours of race day.


7. Event Promoter reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of the SAVIORTHON at any point in time without any notice.



- We will consider the winner as per the timing. Podium Finishers will receive a token of appreciation as per above-mentioned things & categories.

- Do not carry expensive stuff like gold, money we will not be responsible for loss

- Reporting Time-10KM 04:30 AM, 5KM 5:15AM, 2KM: 5:45AM .

- Participants need to present at the venue before 15-20 minutes of their race timing.

- All the participants will receive a timing chip bib except the 2KM participant( specific bib number) that they need to carry during the run by sticking on their T-shirt. Without bibs runners will not be allowed in the run.

- Participants who will be participating in 2KM will receive a Bib that they need to bring on race day to run.

- In case you lose your bibs before the race, you need to be informed prior to one day and need to pay an extra amount to regenerate the bibs.

-Registration and purchase merchandise fees are non-refundable.

-The name of the participant should be written in capital and correct as it will appear in the certificate as well as other merchandise. No change will be done after receiving your registration form.

-You are to participate only in the race category for which you have applied and for which your entry has been confirmed.

-Your entry and running number bib is not transferable to any other person under any circumstance.

-Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or timing bib number with another individual, will be disqualified from the Event and shall not be allowed to apply or participate in the next edition of the Event.

-No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course. Anyone bringing wheeled vehicles will be disqualified from the race; you will be asked to leave the course.

-Photographs taken of runners during the registration and on race day may be used for the purpose of promoting the event.

-Without shoes not allowed

- Participants can register themselves in the platform introduced by the organizer and keep proof of registration and payment incase organizer asks at any certain point of time.

- You are medically fit to participate in this event and are running entirely at your own risk and consequences. Participation in this event is at the runner’s own risk.

- 4Memories Event and its allied partners will not be liable for any injury, loss, damage and / or death arising from your participation in this event. You shall hereby waive any claims against 4Memories and its allied partners for (including but not limited to) damage, loss, injury, death whether caused by your participation in this event or any third parties.

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